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Trygonal Group

The Trygonal Group is a market-oriented network of independent companies in the field of sealing and plastics technology. We work worldwide in key markets with our own national organisations or with partner companies. Our international cooperation results in broad international market knowledge and extensive sealing know-how for all conceivable applications.

Mission Statement


  • We are manufacturer of gaskets and plastic parts
  • We see ourselves as a competent partner for our customers
  • We work independently, holistically and solution-oriented.
  • In the Trygonal-Group we are internationally networked and work worldwide.
  • Our corporate culture is as multi-layered and exciting as life itself.
  • We value the distinctive individuality and professional competence of our employees.
  • We orient ourselves individually to the wishes and needs of our customers, whom we are happy to fulfil in the best possible way.
  • The great flexibility of our production enables us to fulfil almost every wish to the greatest satisfaction.
  • Our products are of the highest quality


  • Germany
    Trygonal Group GmbH, Sachsenheim-Ochsenbach
  • Austria
    Trygonal GmbH, Klagenfurt
    Trygonal Kunststoffinnovationen GmbH, Bruck an der Mur
    Trygonal ATYP SERVICE, Strasshof
  • Switzerland
    Trygonal Schweiz AG, Rüti
  • Spain
    Trygonal Iberia SL, Andoain (Guipuzkoa)

With over 200 employees and 10 trainees, the Trygonal Group generated sales of 25 million euros in 2021.



  • 2023 – On December 19, 2023, we had to say goodbye to our co-founder, partner, managing director and companion Mr. Jürgen Ohr, shocked and full of sadness
  • 2021 – New construction of a fully automatic tool and mold store Trygonal Group GmbH (D)
  • 2016 – Participation of TGG in the new Trygonal France SAS foundation by Michel Le Floch (F)
  • 2015 – G&D changes its name to Trygonal Group GmbH (TGG) (D)
  • 2013 – G&D participates in the founding of Trygonal Iberia SL by Lluis Mont (E)
  • 2013 – DB changes its name to Trygonal GmbH (A)
  • 2010 – Change of OR name to Trygonal Schweiz AG by Thomas Zehnder (CH)
  • 2010 – Foundation of the Trygonal Group (A)
    Close cooperation and uniform market presence with the member companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland working in the Group network
  • 2008 – G&D acquires stake in Trygonal AG (CH)
  • 2007 – G&D acquires stake in Trygonal Kunststoffinnovationen GmbH (A)
  • 2005 – Management buy-in and takeover of G&D shares by Martin Auber and Jürgen Ohr (D)
  • 2004 – Foundation of the company Trygonal Kunststoffinnovationen GmbH by Hagen Murgg and Herwig Birchbauer (A)
  • 1989 – Foundation of Dichtungstechnik Birchbauer (DB) (A)
  • 1978 – The company Neukom AG starts with PUR -processing (CH)
  • 1977 – Foundation of the company GUILLIARD & DÖRR GmbH (G&D) (D)
  • 1966 – Foundation of Otto Rüegg AG (OR) (CH)
Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

  • Avoidance and reduction of negative environmental impacts arising or likely to arise from current activities and products used in our company.
  • Use of environmentally friendly and resource-saving raw materials
  • Implementation of measures to avoid or reduce the consumption of resources.
  • Disposal of operational waste in accordance with requirements and, as far as possible, feeding into existing recycling systems
  • Compliance with applicable legal obligations and other requirements
  • Promotion of employee motivation and environmental awareness
  • Continuous improvement of environmental management and environmental performance
  • Trygonal is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

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